PERSONAL DATA NOTICE (as at 15.11.2013)

  1. The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (hereinafter refers to as “the Act”), which regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions, applies to the AME Group of Companies (hereinafter referred to as “the AME Group”, “our”, ‘’us” or “we”).
  2. For the purposes of this personal data notice, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning prescribed in the Act.
  3. This personal data notice applies to any person whose personal data is or will be processed by the AME Group and serves to inform you how your personal data is or will be processed by us or on our behalf.
  4. The personal data processed or to be processed by us or on our behalf may include but is not limited to the following :
    1. your name, company’s name and occupation;
    2. contact details such as residential, correspondence and email address, phone numbers of you, your company and/or your referees;
    3. information of current and/or previous employment;
    4. demographic information such as preferences and/or interests;
    5. personal, corporate and/or financial information such as company secretarial documents, salary slips, date of birth and age;
    6. any other personal data required for the purposes set out in Paragraph 5 herein.
  5. The purposes for which your personal data may be used are, but not limited to the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as “the Purposes”):-
    1. to enable us to discharge our contractual obligations;
    2. for our branding, communications and corporate affairs purposes which include publication in our printing materials, website and/or electronic media as well as external parties’ printing materials and/or electronic media;
    3. to consider applications for employment;
    4. to better understand your needs and provide services;
    5. to process your payment transactions;
    6. for administration purposes;
    7. for security purposes;
    8. for any other purposes that is incidental or ancillary or in furtherance to the above purposes.
  6. Your personal data may be collected from various sources, including information you have provided us, information from third parties and information in the public domain.
  7. You may access and request for correction of your personal data at any time after the submission of your personal data to us. Please contact us using any of the following modes if you have any enquiries or complaints in respect of your personal data or you are no longer agreeable to us retaining, holding or storing your personal data: In accordance with the Act:
    1. we may charge a fee for processing your request for access; and
      Designated Contact Person :Personal Data Administrator
      Mailing Address :No 2, Jalan I-Park SAC 1/1, Taman Perindustrian I-Park SAC, 81400 Senai, Johor
      Telephone No. :+607- 5959666 / 999
      E-mail address
    2. we may refuse to comply with your request for access or correction in accordance with the Act.
  8. Your personal data may be disclosed, disseminated and/or transferred to:
    1. any of the companies within the AME Group whether present or future;
    2. co-organisers of events and service providers;
    3. any supervisory, governmental or relevant authority;
    4. auditors, consultants, professional firms or entities;
    5. any other third party organizations or persons which we deem fit for any of the Purposes or any other purpose for which your personal data was to be disclosed at the time of its collection, any other purpose directly related to any of the Purposes or where such disclosure is required or authorised by law or by the order of a court.
  9. Unless otherwise specified by us at the time the personal data is collected, it is obligatory that you supply us with the personal data requested for by us or failing which, we may not be able to carry out the Purposes for which the personal data is requested.
  10. We are committed in ensuring the confidentiality, protection, security and accuracy of your personal data made available to us. It is your obligation to ensure that all personal data submitted to us an retained by us are accurate, not misleading, updated and complete in all respects. For the avoidance of doubt, we including our employees or authorized officers or agents shall not be responsible for any personal data submitted by you to us that may be inaccurate, misleading, incomplete or not updated.
  11. Further, we may request your assistance to procure the consent of third parties whose personal data is made available by you to us and you hereby agree to use your best endeavours to do so.
  12. Your personal data may be transferred to a place outside Malaysia that may not/do not have similar protections in place regarding your data and its use as set out in this notice.
  13. Any personal data retained by us shall be destroyed and/or deleted from our records and system in accordance with our retention policy in the event such data is no longer required for the said purpose.
  14. By providing to us your personal data, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the provisions herein and do hereby consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with all the foregoing.