AME REIT is an Islamic REIT established with the principal investment policy of investing, directly and indirectly, in a Shariah-compliant portfolio of income producing Real Estate used primarily for industrial and industrial-related purposes in Malaysia and overseas.

AME REIT’s portfolio consist of 37 Subject Properties with 34 Industrial Properties and 3 Industrial Related Properties (also known as Dormitories) which are freehold properties.

AME REIT was constituted by the Deed dated 23 May 2022 and registered with Securities Commission (“SC”) on the same day. It is principally regulated by applicable securities laws, the Guidelines on Listed REITs issued by SC, the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Main Market Listing Requirements, the Rules of the Depository and relevant taxation laws and rulings. Please refer to the AME REIT structure for further details on how the trust is operated.

Our vision and mission


To be the leading industrial focused REIT in the region with the commitment of enhancing stakeholders value.



To provide Unitholders with a long term stable and growing income distribution through sustainable practices.